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Jan, 2018

Behind the Scenes of North Denver Rush Soccer Club

North Denver Rush Soccer Club is a place to call home. A safe place to be yourself and a place to have fun and compete. Want to learn more on philosophies and mind set behind the scenes of our c
lub? Here we interview Technical Director Elliot Prost. Check out his responses below:  

1. What does Rush Soccer mean to you?
Rush Soccer is a soccer club I would have loved to play for growing up.
Our emphasis is always to put players first. Their development but more importantly their education. Our staff are not only coaches but educators. I believe this is special to the Rush and I truly relate to it.

2. What three characteristics make a great soccer club? 
The philosophy and values are most important. This what we go back to when things are not right... Sometimes doubt comes, things don't go as planned. We must know what we stand for and what separates us fro
m other organizations. Our 11 Core Values for example. I believe that being a leader, being accountable, to give and receive advice (etc..) will always make you fall back on your feet.

3. What steps are being taken to improve North Denver Rush Soccer Club? 
The main step is to get our staff and members to trust and share our vision. We want coaches and educators that believe in our Core values and very specific Rush Way Philosophy. For example a Rush player must shake hands to his coach and teammates at the start and end of training, this is respect. If a coach cannot relay our message or implement that, it cannot work. From a technical standpoint it creates opportunities for players. Give them the chance to train as much as they want in different context (team training, staff training, technical program etc). Our players are our main resources and we must cater to their needs. From an organization standpoint, it is important to be involved in our community. Schools and local businesses are always people we want to serve and create relationships with. North Denver has definitely a community feel as we identify and represent the north Denver Metro area.

4. In your opinion, what three main characteristics does a Rush player portray on and off the field? 
Great question, to me it goes back to our core values. A Rush player should display respect, leadership, and many more values that make a good human being. The goal is always to educate players into being good people first and then show enthusiasm about the game and what we teach. We want for Rush players to be role models to their peers and in their own community.

5. How would you describe North Denver Rush Club culture? 
Growing. The club culture is in its growing process. It always take time to build an environment where every player and family have a sense of belonging. Each member of the club, top to bottom, has a role to play and I am looking forward to see more of it in the future.

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