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Winter Strength and Sports Performance Training with Surge Athletics

Why Surge Athletics: Our sports performance training is great for kids because of the wide variety of disciplines it involves, from weightlifting to calisthenics to gymnastics. Kids brains are like little sponges, itching to make neurological connections and adaptations. These connections in the brain are made in response to stimuli. The more kids can be exposed to when they are young, the more connections and capacities they develop and retain for the rest of their lives. Think of friends you have who did not play sports growing up, unless they have consciously worked at it as an adult, they are probably still somewhat uncoordinated. On the other hand, people you know who trained regularly in athletics growing up have a capacity to take on new things still as adults and display efficient and effective movement with their bodies. 

In our program we work with kids on sportsmanship, leadership, teamwork, listening skills, self-discipline and manners. These are all skills, though not physical, that will help kids become successful later in life. In addition, I see a noticeable difference in the confidence level of children who have been training with us. As their bodies get fitter and their abilities expand, children generally become more physically active and less self-conscious in other athletic situations. I have also seen children lose considerable amounts of weight, resulting in a major change in body image and a big boost in self-esteem. This is especially important and beneficial in the pre-teen years.

CrossFit in conjunction with soccer and skills will greatly improve your child’s ability to excel in soccer and also enjoy the sport!

Courtney and Brandon Mericle are the owners of CrossFit Surge and will be doing the instruction. Courtney has played soccer since she was 4, now 42, she still plays and coaches her daughters. Brandon grew up playing football but has worked for The University of Colorado and with professional athletes from the Colorado Rapids. They have owned Surge for 10 years but have been coaches for over 20 years.

Program Details

Program Details

Dates: December 5,12,19th January 9,16,23,30th February 13th, 27th
Cost: $110
Time: 45 minutes
Location:10621 Irma Dr Unit D, Northglenn 80233

***Free Class: Surge Athletics will provide a free class for parents and players to attend. This will be on Thursday November 14th.